Annual ReportsĀ 

  • Community Redevelopment Agencies are required in Chapter 163.356(3)(c), Florida Statutes, to create an Annual Report for each fiscal year of operation. That Annual Report has to be completed by March 31 of each year. A copy of the Annual Report is provided to both the City Commission and the Board of County Commissioners after adoption by the Agency Board. A copy of the Annual Report has to be available in the City Clerk’s Office for public inspection.

    Links to the Annual Reports for the past several years are provided below:
    Annual Report 2015-16 Final
  • Annual Report 2014-15
  • Annual Report 2013-14
  • Annual Report 2012-13
  • Annual Report 2011-12


A report on basic information about the Community Redevelopment Agency has to also be provided to the Special Districts Accountability Program at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity each year. The Special Districts Accountability Program also maintains records about the creation and boundary of all Community Redevelopment Agencies. This report is due in October of each new fiscal year.